Residents Kill Woman Suspected of Masterminding Husband Murder

Residents of Katojo village, Kashasha parish, in Rubanda district, have killed a woman suspected to have masterminded her husband’s murder. Christine Kenema was lynched on Wednesday morning after her husband, Werreni Mujuni 45, was found murdered a few meters from the couple’s matrimonial home.

Mujuni was today discovered dead by a neighbour at 7 am and he made an alarm that attracted the residents’ attention. Among the many people rushed to Mujuni’s murder scene was his wife Kenema whom locals quickly tasked to explain how her husband had been killed.

Assistant Superintendent of Police- ASP Elly Mate, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson, said when Kenema stammered in explaining how her husband had been murdered on his way to their house, this made locals quickly accuse her of having masterminded her partner’s killing.

The locals’ accusations against Kenema, according to ASP Mate, were based on the fact the couple had a long-standing domestic disagreement. “As residents became many, and knowing how the two have always been having domestic problems, they suspected his wife to have masterminded his death, hence lynched her to death,” ASP Mate said.

The Rubanda gruesome ending of the couple comes on the heels of an ongoing murder probe of a 15-year-old boy in the Kabale district still in the same policing region.  The murder happened two days ago at Katwaro village, Ryakarimira town council, in Kabale district.

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