Drivers Cautioned about DMCs a Head of Festive Season

Picture of a crashed vehicle being carried to a police station

The police have warned drivers against driving vehicles that are under poor mechanical conditions ahead of the festive season.

This comes after three women survived being killed in a road crash this morning when a box body truck failed to ascend Ntinda stretcher hill and rammed into a solon car number UAW 691A with three occupants.

Farida Nampiima the traffic police spokesperson said that several operations have been instituted against reckless driving and vehicles which are in poor mechanical shape on the roads

Paul Ssonko a Boda Boda rider, said that the truck was overloaded by cargo and failed to break knocking vehicles that were in a traffic jam and damaging a saloon car that had three women none of them died but sustained injuries and rushed to hospital.

Ntinda stretcher hill is prone to such accidents as several trucks often fail to break and ram into the crest from a mattress factory which is found in that area according to Mubiru.

Edward Muluuta who was found at the scene noted that for two weeks’ traffic lights from Ntinda and stretcher road are not working which creates a lot of traffic jams. He also said that the road is used by heavy trucks transporting cargo to factories in Nakawa putting the lives of other people using the road in danger.

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