Museveni Launches Distribution of Agricultural Tractors

Photo Courtesy of President Yoweri Museveni at Namalere

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has today launched the distribution of agricultural equipment especially tractors to farmers in different parts of the country as a way of promoting commercial agriculture.

Museveni launched the supply of agriculture equipment during his visit to Namalere national agricultural center where he mentioned that Agriculture is the country’s backbone that needs to shift from traditional methods of production to modern ones that would enable output in large quantities.

“You need to use modern means of farming so that you can optimally gain from your sweat. Therefore, these tractors will be given to only farmers in large-scale agriculture. We shall begin by distributing 150 tractors to support the Parish Model Programmes in different areas,” Museveni said.

Museveni said 100 motorcycles will be given to agricultural inspectors for easy monitoring of the progress of the agricultural project in each of the areas that will receive the tractors. The president further mentioned that Uganda is no longer importing tractors but as a country, they manufacture some and this Uganda saves 40% of the cost of one tractor.

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The president also noted that the government has invested 48.5 billion shillings in agricultural equipment and more than 350 more tractors will be given out to farmers after training.

“You should not personalize these tractors. Farmers will always sign a memorandum of understanding to have them and after they can be passed on to another person,” Museveni said.

The National agricultural referral center Namalere which is located in Kayunga district in the central region of Uganda commonly known as Buganda was established in 1947. The reason behind the establishment was that it becomes a center for the maintenance of machinery.

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