Pregnant Teenager Goes to Report Parents for Not Taking of Her, Gives Birth at Police Station

Amina Nakaweesi with police officers. Photo Courtesy.

A teenager, who had gone to Nagalama police station in Mukono district, to report her parents for not taking care of her since the man responsible disappeared, has given birth at the station.

Amina Nakaweesi, who is 18 years old, went into labour as she was explaining her case. She was rushed to the station’s clinic where she gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby girl.

Nakaweesi, a resident of Katega village, Kabembe parish, trekked 12kms to Naggalama to register her plight. But it took minutes and she went into labour pain.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said Nakaweesi was seen by the Division Police Commander Superintendent of Police- Simon Syamutsangira, crime intelligence officer and Lab technician who put her on a patrol car.

“Arrangements were made and the Health center I clinical officer who was present helped her deliver. After attending to her, she was discharged and safely transported by police team back to her village,” SSP Onyango said.

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Naggalama division management decided to support her financially and materially so that the mother meets the basic needs for the baby. Police officers collected 91,000 shillings and an assortment of clothes were handed over to her.

“Police has since established that her parents abandoned her when she conceived the second child without them knowing the responsible man and she was chased from home. She stayed at LC1 chairperson who also send her away.
Nakaweesi has never seen her mother since she was born and her father has never told her,” Onyango said.

Nakaweesi grew up with the grandmother and studied up to P.6. Many children became pregnant during the two years of Covid19 lockdown. Some have never gone back to school while others are raising children whose fathers are nowhere to be found.

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