Ugandan Car Agency Be Forward to Pay Customers of Alleged Fraud

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Be Forward, a Ugandan car dealer agency, attached to Japan based Be Forward Car exporters, have assured payment of their customers who are victims of the alleged fraud by their sister company.

There have been several media report accusing Be Forward Japan’s affiliate company known as Steel Logistics Nagoya to have defrauded more than USD 500,000 from its customers in deposits of car imports which didn’t arrive in Uganda.

Following this case police arrested two employees of Be Forward Steel Logistics Nagoya and started probing circumstances under which the victims lost their money. But today six agencies told journalists in Kampala that their mother company, is aware of the matter, and it’s being handled between the two entities, Steel Logistics Nagoya and Be Forward Japan.

Marvin Ayebare, the leader of Be Forward agents in the country, said that every complainant will receive their vehicles as they paid for them. Ayebare also said that in the next two days, the company would have finalised the process of giving the vehicles to their customers who paid for them.

Fahad Kateregga, the director of Fahad Enterprises Limited, assured their customers that they are still in operation and serving their customers swiftly refuting allegations on social media that they closed.

Meik Car Hub Limited, Kheri Group Limited, Fahd Enterprises Limited, Beetonda Auto Limited in Masaka, Mpaatanel Company Limited among others are the Be Forward agents in Uganda.

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