Kampala Police Officers Bitter as an AIGP Grills Injured, Hospitalized Operations Commander

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A section of police officers in the Kampala metropolitan area are angry over the actions of an Assistant Inspector General of Police- AIGP summoning their hospitalized colleague to his office despite being informed that the latter was receiving a specialized treatment after thugs shuttered his head during an operation.

An operations commander at one of the 18 divisions that make up the KMP was allegedly hit with a hammer that shuttered his skull and exposed the brain as per the video that was recorded by doctors and has been making rounds on social media.

In the video, the policeman donned in a full senior officer uniform with pips on the shoulders but stained with blood is heard pleading to the doctors who were cleaning the horrific wound before conducting a full operation to record a video and take a picture of his exposed brain.

The doctors did as per his request and this clip has made rounds on social media. It is reported that the senior officer wanted his colleagues to remain with video of what transpired in case he passed on during the operation. However, his condition was swiftly contained by doctors who asked him to remain in the hospital as they monitored his situation.

Daily Press Uganda (DPU) has since established that the operations commander was attacked on Thursday last week in Kiseka at around 6 pm. A case file of assaulting a police officer and obstruction of lawful duties was opened on CRB: 1921/2022.

A female Assistant Superintendent of Police -ASP was tasked to lead investigations and hunt for the attackers of the operations commander. This led to the arrest of three suspects identified as Herbert Wekoye, Moses Wmbuku, and James Namanda. However, the trio named Ronald Watenyeri as the person who broke the operations commander’s skull, but this suspect is still on the run to date.

However, the shock for the injured operations commander came early this week when he was summoned by an AIGP at Naguru-based police headquarters. His attempts to explain that he was hospitalized and, on a drip, fell on deaf ears as he was given two options to appear at an AIGP’s office or quit the force.

The officer was helped by the doctors to pack his drip and colleagues got him a vehicle to rush him to the director’s office at Naguru police headquarters. The operations officer, according to colleagues, received the shocker of his life when he reportedly found a relative of the wanted suspect in the AIGP’s office and the director immediately abused him in front of a civilian and warned him to be very careful.

“The director verbally brutalized him for citing his critical condition, asking him, ‘are you dead that you can’t leave the hospital and come to my office?’ “the injured police officer’s colleagues claim. “Afande got scared in the protection of his ka- small job, he left the hospital and went to Afande’s office. Upon reaching the office, he found the relative of the suspect who tried to kill him using a hammer seated together with Director.”

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Parts of this message has also been put in a written texts that is being shared on WhatsApp. Some of the police officers have cried out to their line commanders to inform police headquarters that they are not happy with an AIGP’s conduct.

“The Director started abusing the victim, with very bad words of the kind; are u stupid, are u dense, I wish u died there. In the end, he said, in fact, I have dismissed you from duty until further notice. Then this patient who is the OC moved out of the office very humiliated before the relative of the suspect who hit him with a hammer on the head. With all the pain he is undergoing, he had to go back to the hospital where he is getting treatment,” a message being shared on WhatsApp reads.

Daily Press attempted to speak to the accused AIGP but he did not pick up nor return calls. This is why the injured police officer’s name, the investigating ASP, and AIGP have not been mentioned in the story. Some juniors have asked what would happen to them if their boss can be treated with disgrace.

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