Man Kills Wife Over Family Planning

SCP Enanga addressing the media

Police in Kyegegwa district is having in its custody, Innocent Kibwetere, on accusations of killing his wife Rhona Twikirize following a disagreement over family planning.

Kibwetere, according to neighbours, got angry after knowing that Twikirize had an implant in her body that would prevent her from conceiving.

Locals say the couple had just had a miscarriage and Twikirize decided to first use family planning so that she could not conceiving before her body becomes stable.

However, Kibwetere perceived the wife’s act as intended to deprived him chance to sire children. Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said Kibwetere picked up a blunt object and hit his wife on the head thus ending her wife spontaneously. Enanga said Kibwetere has since been arrested and would face murder charges in court.

While in police custody, Kibwetere said the wife did not consult him when going for the family planning methods and he saw no need for such.

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