Police Court Dismisses ASP Bulenzibuto Over UGX75M Robbery

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Police Court has dismissed Assistant Superintendent of Police -ASP Michael Bulenzibuto, after pleading guilty to participating in the robbery of 75 million shillings belongings to Victoria Sugar Company.

The court session in which ASP Bulenzibuto was dismissed was chaired by Superintendent of Police- SP Moses Nanoka, at Busoga North regional police headquarters.

Trouble started on Thursday this week when Victoria Sugar Company sent its driver, Musa Mukaabya, to pick the money from Kiyunga. But on the fateful evening, ASP Bulenzibuto who had earlier learnt about the money, mobilized his civilian peers and they intercepted the driver and robbed the bag containing the money.

Kiyunga police post officer in charge Corporal Obbo was informed about the robbery and rushed to the scene where he found Mukaabya on handcuffs.

An eye witness intimated to Cpl Obbo that the robbers had entered inside Lemnk bar. Obbo, accompanied by area Local Council Three Chairman, David Malaga, stormed the bar where ASP Bulenzibuto was found with the bag containing the money.

Police suspects Mukaabya might have connived with ASP Bulenzibuto and six others to rob the money. However more drama ensued after Malaga took the sack of money and also returned it with some missing. Malaga was arrested too.

ASP Bulenzibuto is not the only police officer arrested over 75 million shillings but Sgt Charles Ojanga too.

ASP Michael Kasadha , the Busoga North regional police spokesperson, said his rank mate Bulenzibuto behaved in away that mounted to gross misconduct.

ASP Bulenzibuto now has less than two weeks to plead over the court dismissal in the same force’s appellate court. Police Court could not demote him to the rank Inspector of Police which is the one below his current rank. This is because in forces you cannot be demoted to the rank you never obtained before.

ASP Kasadha explained that men and women in force uniform are expected to exhibit the highest degree of professional standards. That’s why ASP Bulenzibuto has been dismissed to serve an example to others who could have similar intentions.

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