Man Kills Cousin for Shuttering Wife’s Kandahar Beyond Repair

Photo Courtsey of SP Jimmy Okema

Ambrose Okwir, has probably died a happy man enjoying his cousin brother’s wife’s forbidden fruit. Okwir was found by cousin brother, Moses Ongom, shuttering the latter’s wife’s Kandahar and moaning like a dog served with rabbit meat.

This incident occurred at Opeta parish, Aboke Sub-County, in Kole district when Ongom returned home at 11pm and found Okwir pumping his wife as she too praised him for having unique skills that were making her arrive at Mars within minutes.

Okwir could not believe that all the time he has been dribbling his wife she had never made her reach Mar using a broom just like novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija did after he had been thumped for verbally demolishing Uganda’s crown prince.

After listening to the wife’s praises to Okwir and endless flows of River Nile in their matrimonial bedroom that was almost flooding the entire village, Ongom picked a knife and stabbed the dup to death.

Okwir’s killed wife has since been identified by North Kyoga regional police spokesperson, SP Patrick Jimmy Okema, as Connie Adong. SP Okema said Okwir and Adong were aged 25 and 23 years respectively.

“The duo was at the suspect’s home when he found them in bed together. The suspect took the law into his hands and stabbed both of them with a knife several times killing them instantly. A case of murder has been registered at Kole CPS,” SP Okema said.

Ongom, according to SP Okema, has since been arrested and currently detained at Kole CPS. The homicide detectives visited and photographed the scene and recorded statements from witnesses.

“The knife used by the suspect in committing the crime has also been recovered and exhibited pending submission to GAL and DNA for analysis. We appeal to married and cohabiting couples to be careful when responding to the challenges in their homes and learn to respect our relationships, develop a heart of trust, and avoid extramarital affairs,” SP Okema said.

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