3 People Killed in Nakawa Heavy Rains

The KMP deputy police spokesperson.

Two adults and a baby have died in the Wednesday morning heavy down pour in Mutungo zone, Nakawa division, in Kampala.

The heavy rains that start at around 1am forced to makeshift structures to collapse leading to death by drowning.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Luke Owoyesigyire, said the first incident happened at Mutungo zone 11 where a wall collapsed, and water gained access into a makeshift house killing Kannan Bujjo 25, and Emma Kayabga 20.

“Police received information at around 3:30 am that a makeshift structure collapsed after a heavy down pour and the two people Bujjo and Kayanga were found dead in infront of the house,” Owoyesigyire said.

The second incident happened in Mutungo zone 12 where a four months old baby, Prince Musaazi, was killed after a wall collapsed on him.

Police suspects Bujjo and Kayanga might have been electrocuted since there were naked electric wires.

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