ICT Police Officer Arrested in Nansana Illegal Ivory Trade

Photo Courtesy of ivory seized from police officer and colleague

Patrick Katushabe, a police officer attached to the directorate of Information Communication Technology –ICT, has been arrested over illegal ivory trade, in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso district.

Katushabe was arrested yesterday at around 7:45 pm in an operation spearheaded by detective Assistant Inspector of Police –D/AIP Ggiach. The police officer whose details show is deployed at Jinja police ICT department was nabbed from J-Smart Guest House alongside one Dan Ayesiga.

In his operation report, AIP Ggiach indicates that the suspects whose case was booked on is reference SD 52/05/11/2022 were found with 14 pieces of Ivory. The duo’s arrest came after intelligence team learnt about their illegal trade and thus set up false buyers who were actually Wildlife Authority officers.

UWA officials kept communicating with Katushabe and Ayesiga assuring them that they had all the money they needed for their ivory. The unsuspecting suspects revealed the name of the Guest house and police moved to Nansana West 1B where they were found in possession of the wildlife species.

“Reaching Nansana west, the suspects were in communication with the team of wildlife officers luring them into a deal of cash. The Suspects later were arrested in one of the guest house known as J-smart and exhibits recovered in the same guest house,” source said.

Daily Press has learnt that Constable Katushabe and Ayesiga traveled with the ivory from Hoima district driving a Toyota Wish UBM 662 K. however, details indicate that the ivory was collected from Buliisa district.

Charges of being in possession of wildlife species have been preferred against the suspects. The accused who are currently detained at Nansana police stations are set to appear in utilities court next week. The recovered ivory will be transferred to Criminal Investigations Directorate –CID headquarters in Kibuli.

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