257 People Killed in October Road Crashes

Traffic police spokesperson ASP Faridah Nampiima

At least 257 people died in road crashes between October 1 -29 according to traffic police records.

Traffic police spokesperson, ASP Faridah Nampiima, said overall 1,232 people were victims of road crashes countrywide.

Other than 257 who are no longer tasting the earthly delicious food, 975 were left nursing serious injuries.

ASP Nampiima explained that most crashes were caused or involved motorcyclists. Police have said the motorcycle victims did not have crash helmets a reason many died and others sustained serious injuries.

A study launched weeks ago by Road Safety Coalition Uganda (ROSACU) showed 69 percentage of Bodaboda riders who own helmet bought came with the motorcycles.

Therefore, road safety advocates, called for a policy that would make motorcycle dealers to sell them with at least two crash helmets. This would increase passenger usage of crash helmets. Traffic police shows 512 passengers on motorcycles died last year and major cause was lack of crash helmets.

At least 33,086 traffic offenders were arrested and fined in October according to ASP Nampiima.

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