NUP MPs, Other Party Members Raise UGX34M for Ugandans Stranded in the Middle East

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The National Unity Platform -NUP legislators alongside other party members have raised 34 million shillings for repatriating dozens of Ugandans stranded in the Middle East. NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known by the moniker Bobi Wine embarked on a campaign to rescue Ugandans jailed for being illegal citizens in cities like Dubai.

So far NUP campaign has seen over 70 Ugandans majorly girls and women returned home. The government of Uganda has also brought back over 200 after agreeing with the United Arab Emirates -UAE. Through the spokesperson of the ministry of internal affairs, Simon Peter Mundeyi, the government said over 1500 are set to benefit from the arrangement.

But Bobi Wine and NUP insist that hundreds are still stranded and they will continue mobilizing for money so that even others can be rescued. Bobi Wine has today extolled whoever has participated in the contribution of the money that has so far been used to bring back Ugandans to their home country.

“Earlier, our Parliamentary Team joined by a few other Members from the forces of change made a contribution of 34 million Uganda Shillings towards our ongoing effort to repatriate and assist Ugandans stuck in Arab countries,” Bobi Wine said.

Bobi Wine further explained that as of today, they had assisted 72 Ugandans who had been stuck abroad and they hope to help more through the contributions made. Bobi Wine said he was super grateful to the leadership and all Members of Parliament who have made contributions towards this effort. “Indeed, when we come together in unity, there is nothing we cannot achieve.”

Two days ago, the government revealed that out of 100,000 Ugandans in UAE, 75% (75,000).  Mundeyi said the biggest number of Ugandans in the Arab world are trafficked because they don’t bother to make research on licensed labour export companies.

Many Ugandans have taken to social media to praise Bobi Wine for his efforts and campaign to return stranded Ugandans. The act of the government repatriating over 200 Ugandans is also credited to Bobi Wine who made the government wake up. Despite dozens of videos of stranded Ugandans crying foul in the Arab world, the government had remained adamant until NUP started bringing them back.

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