Luweero Bush War Veteran Hajji Naduli’s Son Jakana Naduli Is Dead


Former minister Hajji Naduli has lost his son Jakana Naduli a month after he was released from jail on court bail.

Jakana Naduli was kidnapped by state operatives and kept incommunicado for over a fortnight until he was arraigned before Luweero court on charges of promoting sectarianism.

A group of Banyarwanda led by socialite Frank Gashumba accused Jakana Naduli of using tribal sentiments to attack and ridicule them.

By the time Jakana Naduli was arraigned before court, he had been clobbered to pulp and bruises were allover his body.

Before appearing in court, his father Hajji Naduli had been bounced by various security agencies claiming that they did know his whereabouts.

After being frustrated, Hajji Naduli, resorted to crying out in the media until security forces eventually charged his son to court.

As you read this, the exact cause of Jakana Naduli’s death isn’t yet established but he was reportedly found dead in his home.