349,445 Students Start S4 Exams

At least 349,445 male and female students have started their Senior Four exams that will earn them the Uganda Certificate of Education -UCE.

Jennifer Kalule the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) spokesperson, explained that females contribute a 49.7% of the number of S4 candidates while males make the remaining percentage.

Kalule elaborated that they had not registered glitches as far as delivering exam papers concerns. This she attributed to security agencies that have made sure the papers are delivered even in areas like Kassanda and Mubende where president Yoweri Museveni has declared a 21 days lockdown in a bid to control the spread of Ebola.

“Our teams were able to deliver the examination papers last evening, and right now, the candidates of the two districts (Mubende and Kassanda) are writing their papers, along with all the others,” Kalule said.

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Ebola has so far killed 19 people and left dozens battling the disease. There were fears that prohibition of movement in Kassanda and Mubende would affect S4 candidates but Kalule said everything was moving on as planned.

“Scouts and invigilators are advised to go to the police stations for guidance on they can move to the various examination centre. We call upon everybody involved in the conduct of the examinations, at all levels, to observe the SOPs for the control of Ebola as provided by the ministry of health,” Kalule said.

The candidates sitting for S4 exams include 519 with Special Needs and 69 prisoners in Luzira and Mbarara centres. Kalule said access arrangements have been made for candidates with special needs education support in accordance with their needs.

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