50 Year Old Arrested in Wakiso With Two Guns, 270 Bullets

confiscated SMGs

Peter Opii is the cells of Kira division after he was found with two Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs), nine magazine and 270 bullets.

Patrick Onyango the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said security was tipped off by concerned person that a terrorists had invaded their area. The officers that responded to the alert discovered that it Opii was in possession of deadly the weapons for unknown reasons.

A team of security personnel drawn from the violent crime units raided Kitikifumba zone, Kira division, Kira Municipality, Wakiso district where the suspect was apprehended with the weapons inside his brother’s house.

Onyango said Opii has revealed that Opii is a resident of Idua village, Vura Parish, Ishene Centra sub-county in Moyo district.

Others weapons Opii was found with include seven locally made pump action, 18 empty locally made pump action gadgets and bottles of unknown chemicals.

Security has also confiscated Opii’s documents that include National ID, two driving permits, and gold Find microfinance cards in his name.

By press time, Opii was being transported to Special Investigations Division in Kireka for further interrogation.

This incident comes days after Saracen guard Isaac Okello was arrested with two guns and 31 bullets which he was selling at 2000 shillings.

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