KMP Police Takes Over Kabanda Kidney Loss Case at Old Kampala Hospital

The Kampala metropolitan police headquarters have taken over the case of Muhammad Kabanda who is accusing Old Kampala hospital of illegally extracting his kidney. Kabanda alleges that he went to Old Kampala hospital for an operation on his head after being involved in a Bodaboda crash.

But to his utter shock, he woke up with a deep cut on his abdomen and he became suspicious. Kabanda claims that he tried to ask the doctors at Old Kampala hospital why they had been cut on the abdomen but he was not given any attention.

In order to establish what the cut on his abdomen was for, Kabanda decided to conduct a CT scan at Mengo hospital where he was informed that one of his kidneys had been removed. Kabanda decided to conduct another CT scan at Mulago National Specialized hospital which also concurred with Mengo that his kidney had been extracted.

“I need to know why my kidney was removed yet I visited the hospital for a head injury. I need justice for this crime committed against me,” Kabanda told journalists in Kampala on Tuesday where he also exhibited CT scan results from the two hospitals.

Net picture of Muhammad Kabanda showing his cut abdomen

Kabanda has since rushed to a renowned City lawyer who doubles as Kampala’s Lord Mayor, Erias a Lukwago, to help him in the quest for justice. Lukwago has since vowed to deal with Old Kampala hospital so that Kabanda gets justice for the unlawful extraction of his kidney.

Senior Superintendent of Police -SSP Patrick Onyango, explained that police have since taken over the investigations to establish what exactly happened Kabanda went to Old Kampala seeking medical attention.

Onyango said they have already summoned the Old Kampala hospital administrator and the doctor who allegedly conducted the head operation on the fateful day when Kabanda woke with a deep cut on the abdomen.

“We have given him medical forms to take for our surgeon so that an examination can be conducted to confirm or refute the claims. If we establish that indeed his kidney was illegally removed, we shall send a file to the resident state attorney for perusal and legal advice,” SSP Onyango said.

Allegations of unlawful organ extraction have been on for years, particularly in Kampala hospitals but there has never been any successful case in courts of law. A number of girls taken to the middle east for domestic employment have returned dead with missing body organs or brought back in a vegetative state.

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