ICT directorate Takes Over CCTV Footage Analysis of Killed Kawempe Guard

The police directorate of Information Communication Technology -ICT has taken over an analysis of the Closed-Circuit Television -CCTV footage showing the movement and style of execution of Samuel Muhindo, a private security guard.

Muhindo, who was guarding general stores located at Katale zone, Lugoba parish, Kawempe division of Kampala, was killed at 8 pm while sitting on a plastic chair at the entrance of her workstation. This incident happened barely a fortnight ago.

Although several guards have been injured or killed at their guard stations, Muhindo’s murder is suspected to have been executed by who seemed to have been knowing him. Witnesses claimed Muhindo’s killers who were three in number had been coming and engaging him, especially in the evening hours.

KMP PRO SSP Patrick Onyango

Others claimed the assailants came from inside the very workstation he was guarding while others alleged that they came from a building just adjacent to his guard station. In order to establish who exactly shot and killed Muhindo including taking his rifle, a senior security official has revealed that the ICT team from the National CCTV Command Centre collected the various video clips captured by CCTVs on neighboring structures including police cameras erected on roads.

“You know this case is confusing, some people alleged that he was probably killed by his known colleagues. Others say two attackers came on a motorcycle but the shooter was already in the vicinity and suspected to have been known by the deceased. We have handed over the CCTV video clips to the ICT team for analysis,” a police officer said.

Senior Superintendent of Police -SSP Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said detectives assigned to trace Muhindo’s killers could not proceed before getting a conclusive report.

 “They are waiting for analysis from the footage that the ICT team collected. Otherwise, the investigations continue. With technology, you can’t hide. They will be known,” SSP Onyango said.

A day after Muhindo was killed, the Inspector General of Police, Martin Ochola, through the force’s operation director AIGP John Nuwagira, issued what he termed as the last warning on lonely deployment. Police say guards like Bernard Nalulu, Samuel Muhindo, and James Amuriat who have been shot and killed in recent weeks could have survived if they had been deployed in pairs and all armed.

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