Saracen Guard Arrested Selling Pistol, SMG Bullets at Shs2000

Detectives recording the exhibits

Isaac Okello, a security guard of Saracen is in the coolers of Kira Road police station after being arrested selling pistol and SMG bullets at only 2000 shillings. Aged 28, Okello was apprehended yesterday after a tip-off from Fred Okumu the operations manager of Jet Tech Security Company whom he had contacted to buy the bullets from him.

Daily Press has learned that Okumu swiftly alerted Ntinda police how a stranger had contacted him offering to sell bullets at only 2000 shillings each and magazines at only 10000 shillings.

Ntinda police told Okumu to convince Okello to take the bullets and magazines to his office located at Minister’s village along Martyr’s Way Road. The unsuspecting Okello carried the bullets and gun magazines from his residence at Kamanga -Kirombe zone in Makindye division of Kampala to Okumu’s office where the casually dressed police officers patiently waited for him.

Seized rifles

When he arrived, Okumu asked him to open the bag so that he could see the quality of the bullets and magazines he was going to sell to him. Okumu started bargaining with Okello and it was in that process the plain-clothed police officers handcuffed the security guard.

Police have since established that bag contained 19 bullets of Sub-Machine Gun -SMG, three pistol bullets, one Mark4 bullet, two bullets for greener gun, two for pump action, eight magazines of SMG, and three magazines of Semi-Automated Rifle -SAR.

“Upon interrogation, Okello said that he gathered ammunition and magazines from a policeman from Naguru FFU headquarters but alleges doesn’t know his name. He also had breaking implements I.e. one grinder, two pliers, two screwdrivers, a hammer, two chisels, one metal cutter, and a rowing machine,” a detective said.

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