CID Raises Concern Over Relatives, Teachers Defiling Girls

Almost every day there is a girl defiled by a relative or a teacher, according to the directorate of criminal investigations.

Some of the latest gruesome defilements have been recorded in the districts of Lwengo, Nabilatuk, Katakwi and Lira City.

John Bulunga is in jail over double defilement which he allegedly committed five days ago in Lwengo district.

His arrest followed a video recorded by the victims’ mother showing him defiling a 12-year-old girl. Police have since established that the accused has been defiling two siblings since 2020 until his acts were filmed by the girls’ mother.

Senior Commissioner of Police – SCP Fred Enanga, the police force spokesperson, explained that Bulunga was filmed inside an abandoned house at Kikonge village, Kkingo sub-county in Lwengo district.

Enanga praises the girls’ mother for being courageous enough to record the suspect and sharing the video to various social media platforms.

“The suspect was tracked down and arrested while in hiding at his mother’s home in Nkalwe village, Kiganda parish, Kkingo sub-county in Lwengo district, and in custody. His mother, called Nakakande, was also arrested for threatening to harm or injure her daughter-in-law, Nakaweesi Juliet, who is the complainant, and for harbouring a wanted suspect,” Enanga said.

SCP Fred Enanga

Similar incidents have happened in Nabilatuk where police have arrested the headteacher of Lolachat Seed Secondary School, in Lolachat sub-county in Nabilatuk, for the aggravated defilement of his 15-year-old, sister-in-law, a pupil of the same school.

Police have identified the headteacher as Huhya Lazarus, 45, who allegedly started defiling the victim during the month of July, 2022, after his wife, Loitakori Margret, left the victim to stay with him.

“It is unfortunate that she was impregnated by the suspect, (her brother-in-law), who gave her Ugx 200,000 to abort. The police got wind of the information and arrested the suspect,” Enanga said.

Police have said the third incident of aggravated defilement occurred in Lira City, on September 26, 2022, where a one Ogwang Martin Luther, a 72-year-old, Chairman LCI of Blue Corner South, was arrested on allegations of defiling a 17-year-old, female juvenile.

Another defilement cases police are following is that of Emmanuel Okum in Katakwi district who was caught red handed, in the room of a 12-year-old girl by her parents about six days ago.

Okum was caught at 6am at Damasiko village, Kapujan parish, in Katakwi district and he was taken to Apapai police.

“These incidents clearly reveal the threats and dangers, that girls still face, by persons who are supposed to teach them how to go about life and serve as a role models,” Enanga said.

Police said acts of abuse of the girl victims is a betrayal of trust and exploitation by guardians like teachers, uncles, neighbours and LCs, who instead of protecting the girl children, took advantage of them.

By end of last year, over 640,000 girls were reported defiled and impregnated during the 2 years of school closure in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Girls were impregnated by peers, old men, their fathers, siblings and relatives.