Why 8 Ugandan Police Officers Have Committed Suicide

An eighth police officer has today committed suicide inside Kireka police barracks for yet to be established reasons. It is alleged that Constable Alfred Obida who according to his colleagues bared force number 55373 killed himself inside the bedroom.

Obida’s self-extermination comes on heel of Moyo incident where policeman Joel Kopi Bobi 27 shot himself dead after killings his immediate commander Corporal Geoffrey Ogwal. Five days before the Moyo suicide, a policeman had been reported to have shot himself dead at Kyanja Community Police Post.

Information that emerged from Kyanja said Constable Coled Twesigye committed suicide inside an armoury at the time he was checking guns to give out to private security guards. Since this year begun, eight police officers have killed themselves whereby seven shot themselves dead and one hanged himself on a tree.

Below are the previous incidents where police officers have killed themselves in districts of Pallisa, Kazo, Mubende, Kampala and Moyo.

In August, Assistant Inspector of Police –AIP George William Kaweesi 45, killed himself in Pallisa where he had just been transferred. On July 15, Constable Mugenyi Kandoole who police said bared force number 54802 killed himself in Masindi district.

Chemutai Yesho Joel who had force number 77309 shot himself dead on April 18 in Kazo district. James Atoo Agwayi exterminated himself on April 10 and he had force 50492. In January this year, Corporal George Drandi, who was a member of Very Important Police Protection Unit VIPPU killed himself in Kampala.

There are several reasons why police officers and other human beings commit suicide. These, according to psychologists and psychiatrists, range from mental disorders, stress, anxiety and failure to cope up with sadden changes in life like divorce, separation, bankruptcy and tragic events that may include loss of dear ones.


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