Armed Karimojong Warriors Shoot, Kill 2 Charcoal Burners

The Mt Moroto police spokesperson addressing the media about the security situation in Karamoja.
The Mt Moroto police spokesperson addressing the media about the security situation in Karamoja.

Two people have been confirmed shot and killed by suspected Karimojong warriors in Lolemuyek village, Lorikitae Parish, Lokopo Sub-county, in Napak district. Inspector of Police- IP Mike Longole, the spokesperson for Mt Moroto policing region, said the victims were abducted on September 22, by more than 20 armed warriors.

IP Longole explained that the kidnappers of the victims had five Sem-Automated Guns -SMGs and encircle four people who were burning charcoal in the stated village. The victims of the kidnap have been identified as Lomilo Albino, Lomillo Dwari, Lokoro Lochuge, and Sagal Lochangchang.

“These abductors found the victims burning charcoal in the above address. They were taken for a distance of 5km across Omaniman River by the assailants where Sagal Lochangchang and Lomilo Albino were shot dead,” IP Longole said.

After seeing two of their colleagues exterminated with bullets, Lomilo Dwari and Lokoro Lochuge took off in different directions and managed to escape from the assailants who tried to pursue them but in vain.

IP Longole said police and sister security agencies yesterday visited Lolemuyek village and retrieved the two bodies for post-mortem. “The motive of the murder is yet to be established. The canine dog was introduced to the scene but lost the truck in the river. No suspect has been arrested, and other investigations have commenced,” police said.

Over 500 warriors have been shot and killed in the last 14 months but police and Uganda People’s Defence Forces -UPDF seem to be far from restoring normalcy in the area. Not only warriors have been killed but civilians, police officers, and soldiers too. However, the police and army have remained tight-lipped on the number of forces that have lost life in the fire exchange with warriors.