Security Arrests 312 Suspects in Crackdown on Rustlers

Courtsey image on arrested suspected rustles

Military and police have arrested 312 suspected cattle rustlers during a cordon and search operation in Lobanya village, Kacheri Subcounty, Kotido district.

Mike Longole, the police spokesperson for Mt Moroto, said the operation in Kotido followed a meeting held at Uganda People’s Defence Forces -UPDF 3rd division on Wednesday where security agencies were informed that rustlers had raided districts of Acholi, Lango, Teso, and Sebei.

“The cattle rustling was conducted by Karamojong warriors. The cases of murder and cattle thefts/rustling were reported in those areas on daily basis, especially in Agago District. The outcry of people in those areas prompted joint security forces to conduct simultaneous cordon and search operations in a bid to arrest suspects and recover stolen animals.

The insurgency in Karamoja and neighbouring areas started late in 2020 and it is now almost two years of soldiers and police officers battling rustlers but peace has still evaded the area. Close to 500 rustlers have been while unknown number of civilians, soldiers and police offices have also succumbed to bullets and arrows.

Longole said a total number of 312 suspects were arrested, detained, and others transferred to districts such as Agago for further management and screening. Security agencies have asked the community members to remain calm and give joint security forces enough time to complete thorough investigations, and do proper screening in order to come up with the right suspects.