How Unclosed ‘Escape Gate’ Aided Robbery at Legal Paints Cashier’s Home

CP Fred Enanga police force spokesperson

Details have merged in the ongoing investigations into last week’s attack and robbery at the home of legal paints’ female cashier, Genet Kavasha, at Namuli Ward, Central Division, in Mukono Municipality.

Armed with a gun and five machetes, thugs are suspected to have arrived at Kavasha’s home at around 8pm and too cover in the compound. Detectives from Mukono police station and Flying Squad have since established that the thugs accessed Kavasha’s home through the small gate commonly referred to as escape gate.

Police say Kavasha was the last person to enter the home premises cruising her Spacio vehicle UAZ 283X. Although she saw the escape gate opened, she did not close it thinking one of her family members Deborah Natumanya and Paul Katushabe was still out.

It is believed that thugs seemingly arrived at around 8pm, took cover in the compound and waited for anyone to open the house going to close the gate. At a half passed 9pm, Kavasha came out of the house going to close the gate.

Police detectives and Flying Squad operatives say the criminals immediately encircled Kavasha and pursued her as she attempted to run back into the house. The thugs then put every one in the house at gunpoint and later cut whoever attempted to interrupt their looting.

By the time the group left Kavasha’s home, all family members had been injured using the gun butt and machetes. Commissioner of Police -CP Fred Enanga said no suspect has been arrested in regard to Kavasha’s home raid.

Nevertheless, Enanga reechoes the detectives’ preliminary findings saying criminals are increasingly exploiting simple security lapses like unclosed gates, lack of security lights or lack of armed guards to wreak havoc on homes, supermarkets and other places suspected to be having huge amounts of money.

In order to avoid falling victim to rampant thugs in Kampala metropolitan, security advises people to move in groups, alert people at home when they are about to reach, those carrying money should ensure they have security or hire well equipped guards to protect their homes as well as businesses.

Not only people carrying money are being targeted by criminals, according to security operatives and detectives. Most of the latest incidents in Kampala metropolitan areas especially Mukono have being orchestrated by thugs targeting electronics like TV screens, laptops, flat irons, mobile phones including motor vehicles.

At Kavasha’s home, thugs varnished with her Spacio car, five smart mobile phones, a flat TV screen, laptop and Shillings 100,000. Still in last week, armed robbers attacked Spice supermarket, shot the cashier in the stomach before they disappeared with money in millions of shillings. So far crime intelligence and Mukono police have arrested two suspects in regard to Spice supermarkets robbery and these include William Mugalu 24 and Sam Mbogo 23.s

Deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, a few days ago exhibited a number of items recovered from criminals terrorizing Mukono residents and neighbouring areas. The items that were recovered included flat TV screens, laptops, flat irons and woofers.