CID Probes How Apartment Gate Killed a 5-Year-Old Boy

Police detectives have embarked on probing circumstances that led to the death of a five-year old male juvenile in Kiwatule, a Kampala suburb, last week. Jayden Asiimwe, who was playing alongside her juvenile female Vivian Ela 3, were allegedly hit by an apartment gate that suddenly collapsed.

It is alleged that Asiimwe and Ela often climbed the gate something that could have forced it to break thus falling on them. However, CID according to Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, wants to understand whether the gate broke suddenly or it had been loose for a while but no one bother to fasten it.

Enanga explains that if detectives establish that the gate exhibited signs of breakage and no one bother to rectify the problem, the responsible people will be charged with rush and negligence.

“The gate collapsed and landed on these juveniles. They were rushed to Najjeera hospital where Asiimwe died. Vivian is still receiving treatment. We are investigating this to find out where there was an omission. We need to establish whether someone can be held responsible for not fixing the gate,” Enanga said.

Police say they there are increasing incidents of parents, guardians and caretakers neglecting their children something that has exposed them to being knocked by speeding cars, Bodabodas, falling in pits, being burnt in houses or taking poisonous items.

Enanga calls upon parents to always keep a keen eye on their children as they are always vulnerable to among other incidents arson, knocks, fires and child theft. Vicent Lusambya, a parent, says parents have entrusted the care of children to teenage maids who often lack experience on taking care of children.

Lusambya argues that in order to minimize incidents leading children deaths and injuries, parents should always hire mature maids and try to ensure they are experienced in matters of child care.