5 People Murdered in 7 Days

At least five people are six feet under after they were killed by criminals, family wrangles in the past seven days.

The latest victim is, Phiona Asiimwe, whose life was allegedly terminated by her husband in a domestic brawl.

Kigezi regional spokesperson, Elly Mate, said Asiimwe was a resident of Kacerere B cell, Ryakarimira town council, Kabale district and her murder is being investigated criminal reference CRB 627/2021.  

Police say the deceased woman’s husband identified as, Wilber Sigerenda, used a panga to cut her neck. Asiimwe was the second wife and was only 36 years with three children.

“It’s alleged that at around 20:00hrs at her home, the suspect reached there, found the victim who is his second wife already in the house and children already asleep He forced the door open, cut her neck and she died instantly. The reasons for murder are yet known,” Mate said.

Sigerenda after killing Asiimwe rushed to the home of the first wife Peace Musinguzi. But Musinguzi became suspicious of her husband’s state and she immediately took off for safety.

“When she saw him, she realized something was wrong and she took off, in the process, the son one Tumuramye Rogers surfaced to the father and he also cut him below the ear,” Mate adds.

Musinguzi and other locals notified police that arrested the suspect. But at the time of arrest, Sigerenda had taken poison that had made him very unconscious. He was admitted very unconscious at Rubaya health centre four.

The second murder was by stabbing which was also in Kabale and being investigated on KLE CRB 664/2021. The victim of murder by stabbing is Moses Akampurira who met his death at a club in Kabale town.

But in the process of arresting Akampurira’s murder suspect, another person who police say was one of the orchestrators of the crime was shot dead. The suspect shot dead has been identified as Kakofira.  

Mate says the first person to be arrested was Akankwasa Jesper and upon thorough interrogation, he confessed to have executed the murder with two others known as Kakofira and Babu. Police in pursuit of the suspects who had been tricked to meet their accomplice (Jasper) at Rushaki village, Southern Division Kabale municipality, two people came out of their hideout wearing jackets.

“Upon alert from police officers to stop, both pulled out their weapons of pangas ready to engage. In the process of self-defense one Kakofira was shot and they both fled back to the forest and thus he was found lying dead but one BABU was nowhere to be seen,” Mate said.

The fourth person to die was Aggrey Byomuhangi Aggrey 37, who was a resident of Bugunga cell in Muko subcountry. Byomuhangi was found hanging in the roof of his house by his elder sister Kellen Kyokunzire.

Police has embarked on investigating whether Byomuhangi killed himself or he was strangled and later hanged in his own house since he was living alone. Kyokunzire had gone to check on her brother but was shocked to find him hanging dead.

“She found the door locked from inside but got no response when she called. When she peeped from the back window, she saw his body hanging from the roof of his sitting room with a belt around his neck. She alarmed for help from the neighbors who helped her break down the door to access him,” Mate said.

Police was notified about Byomuhangi’s death by a brother James Byaruhanga who is a businessman in Rubanda town council. The death scene was visited by a team of detectives commanded by ASP Aine alongside police surgeon ASP Odulusi.

The fifth murder victim is Alex Bakunda who was strangled to death at Ndere parish, Ruhinda sub county, Rukungiri district. Bakunda’s body had multiple marks around the eyes. Police have so far arrested five suspects who include

Ainomugisha Mellon 28, Naluwembe Hadija19, Kiiza Naboth18, Tushabomwe Amon 35, and Kaganga Eric 45, all residents of the same village.