How Stepmother Killed 9 Year Old Girl, Dumped Body in a Swamp

At only 9 years, Mary Nimusiima’s life was ended in the hands of her stepmother, Barbra Ninsiima, in Rukungiri district. Locals had often witnessed Ninsiima clobbering the helpless girl day in day out. But the father, Danson Ampumuza, bothered less even despite the fact that neighbours often alerted him about his wife’s gruesome acts towards the girl.


The locals on July 13 woke up on the news originated by Ninsiima and husband Ampumuza that the girl had disappeared. They helped in the search for the victim but their efforts yielded no results. It was at that point Ampumuza accompanied by wife Ninsiima reported a case of a missing person at Marumba Police Post which was entered on SD 03/13/07/2021.

After four days on search, Nimusiima’s decomposing body was discovered dumped at Kyesero swamp but full of bruises. Since the locals had been witnesses the heartless acts Ninsiima always subjecting the girl to, they tipped police which grilled the couple.

Kigezi regional police spokesperson, Elly Mate, explains that upon interrogation, the couple confessed that they had dumped their daughter’s body in a swamp. The man opened up that the innocent girl was actually killed by his wife on July 11 when he was not at home.

“I was not at home when this incident happened. I returned home in the evening and I found when she had killed the girl. I helped her to dump the body but I was not involved in her death,” Ampumuza reportedly stated in his statement.

Ampumuza’s statement was confirmed by Mate that the couple hacked a planned to dump the body in a swamp. Police say the couple wanted to act wise by reporting to police that their daughter was missing. But the victim’s body was discovered by juveniles cutting papyrus.

“It’s alleged that on the 11/07/2021, the step mom assaulted her to death when the father was away, but when he came back and was informed of it, they hacked a plan, took the body and dumped it at Kyesero swamp. Later they disguised as if she disappeared and they reported at Marumba police post vide SD 03/13/07/2021,” Mate said.

The juveniles who discovered the decomposing body have been identified as Fabian Asaba and Benson Akandwanaho. It was around 7pm on Saturday. The boys alerted the area chairperson one Justus Kamuhamya who reported to police.

Assistant Superintendent of Police –ASP Harriet Nasuuna, who is the commander Criminal Investigations Department –CID in accompany of Scene of Crime Officers –SOCOs retrieved the body and took it to Rwakabengo Healthy Center lll for postmortem. ASP Nasuuna immediately arrested Ampumuza and wife Ninsiima who will face charges of murder contrary to section 188 and 189 of the Penal Code Act.

The 2020 police crime report shows 57 juveniles were killed in domestic violence. These include 33 male juveniles and 24 female juveniles. In the last three weeks, Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, has been giving figures showing several people killed in domestic violence. At least 10 people were per day a week ago and domestic violence was the biggest contributor.