17 Years Old Boy Lynched Over Money Theft Allegations

CID director Grace Akullo.

Police in Rukiga district is investigating the murder of a 17 years old boy, Eric Kamukama, accused of stealing 1.4 million shillings.

Police Spokesperson for Kigezi region, Elly Mate, said Kamukama was grabbed by, Patrick Bikanyire, from his mother’s home.

Bikanyire dragged the deceased to his home and locked him inside a store after questioning him on why he had allegedly stolen his money.

The victim became suspicious of what was being planned for him since Bikanyire had abducted him with the help of bodied men. Police say the deceased attempted to escaped through the ventilators to save his life little knowing that Bikanyire and group were waiting for that moment.

Kamukama successfully removed the ventilators but he was wrestled down by Bikanyire and his group and then lynched. “He was picked by the suspect and his goons and taken to his home and locked in the store but tried to escape thru the ventilator and was later apprehended then beaten to death on allegations of stealing his cash,” Mate said.

Upon learning about the incident, Rukiga police tracked for Bikanyire and arrested him alongside his maid who allegedly witnessed the entire murder episode. The victim’s body was transported to Kabaale Regional Referral Hospital.

Similarly, a 75-year-old, Bernard Kabazeemu, has been killed by unknown assailants who varnished with his television set, music hoofer and battery. The incident happened at Runyaami cell Kamukama parish Kinaba in Kanungu district.

Kabazeemu’s body was discovered 8mtrs away from his house in his compound at 6am by the area Chairman Bujeeru Pius who reported the matter at Kinaaba police post under SD REF 03/17/05/2021.