IGP Ochola Promotes 300 AIPs to Inspector of Police

Police promotes 3000 of its personnel to various ranks in the lower rank category.

Police have finally resumed promoting its personnel after five years of suspension. The exercise has resumed with the promotion of 336 Assistant Inspector of Police- AIPs to Inspector of Police –IPs.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, has issued this evening issued a statement containing over 3097policemen and women who have been promoted to various lower ranks.

But only 336 have been promoted to the highest rank in the lower ranks category. AIPs who are now IPs have been on the same rank for more than 10 years. Others have been promoted because of serving in the force for over 30 years.

Ochola has also elevated 404 police officers from the rank of Sergeant to AIP which is the second highest in lower ranks category. In addition, 1099 Corporals have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Like IP and AIPs, police personnel promoted to Sgt had stayed on the rank of Corporal for not less than nine years and above. Besides, the new Sgts have been serving in formed units and were successfully vetted.

“From Police countable to Corporal (PC-CPL); The Appointments and Promotions Committee (Subordinate) considered 1258 officers who had stayed on the rank of Constable for 14 years and above; instructors and an additional officer in formed units who were successfully vetted,” Enanga said.

Promotions were last held in 2016 during the reign of Gen Edward Kale Kayihura as IGP. Police say the promotions were based on performance, current responsibility, leadership abilities, command abilities, time spent on rank, discipline, patriotism and integrity, length of service in the force, highest level of education, career courses attended, record of service and physical fitness among others.

“We want to add that out of a grand total of 11823 subordinated police officers, recommended for promotion to the next rank by their territorial commander’s, 3,097 were successfully vetted in consideration of the key parameters indicated above. The appointments and promotions committee (subordinate) in consideration of the set criteria recommended as follows,” Enanga said.

Ochola has congratulated all the promoted police personnel for their hard work and dedication. Nevertheless, promoted policemen and women have been urged not to look at their promotions as a personal achievement, but as an enhancement which comes with added duties and responsibilities. The IGP adds that police personnel should take their responsibilities very seriously in the interest of the safety and security of all Ugandans and visitors in the country.