Uganda Football President’s Demeaning Statement Forces Star Players to Retire

A disrespectful statement made by President of the Federation of Uganda’s Football Association –FUFA, Moses Magogo, has forced star and legendary players to retire from the national team duties.

Magogo, while addressing the media at the weekend, described the national players as “shitty” football stars. Magogo blamed the team for the bad performance recently exhibited at CHAN tournament.

Some of the stars who have been a force to reckon for international duties skipper, Denis Masinde Onyago and midfielder, Hassan Wasswa. The duo has called it quits. Wasswa announced retirement two days ago after 13 years on National team.

But a shock to Ugandans has been the latest hanging of boots by Onyango who has been the goal keeper for 16 years. Onyango who plays for Mamelod sundown in South Africa, has made a name as one of stars playing on the continent.

Two years ago, Onyango was announced as overall star for football players playing for both big and small clubs on the African continent. The retirement of Onyango has caught thousands of football lovers by surprise. Ugandans have since taken to twitter demanding for the resignation of Magogo who was recently elected as MP and now waiting to swear in.