What Lies Ahead of Bishop Ssemogerere Appointed Archbishop Lwanga’s Interim Successor

It is no longer a secret that the Roman Catholic Prince, Pope Francis II, has appointed Bishop Ssemogerere as apostolic administrator purposely to temporarily cover the gap left by deceased Kampala Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.

Dr Lwanga succumbed to heart disease after vessels transporting blood to the heart were blocked by a blood clot. He was laid on Thursday inside Lubaga Cathedral after five days of national mourning and prayers.

At the mass sending off Dr Lwanga, the Papal Nuncio Luig Blanco, announced that Pope Francis had appointed Bishop Ssemogerere as Apostolic Administrator a job he will do alongside his current duties as Bishop for Luweero Dioceses.

But as Ssemogerere replaces Dr Lwanga, there is a mountain a head for him to climb given to the fact that the deceased had a number of projects benefitting the faithful he was micromanaging. One of such projects is the Twekembe microfinance which has helped to elevate Catholics from poverty trenches.

Dr Lwanga was managing Twekembe through lobbying resources from his local and foreign friends and would regularly supervise beneficiaries’ projects. The deceased started the Catholic Women’s guild which has seen women engage in affairs of running the church and would also hatch projects that benefited female Christians.

Dr Lwanga was a disciplinarian as he would often take a bold decision to suspend priests he perceived were straying away from canon laws of the catholic church. Although Dr Lwanga seemed to be highhanded when it came to indiscipline among the clerics, he was a forgiver and several priests were welcomed back into the church after years of wandering.

Not only church matters and development projects would be stressful to Bishop Ssemogerere, but even the country’s politics. Dr Lwanga once said he had people who were spying on him through the priests and other clerics he was superintending. That statement forced the president to meet Dr Lwanga. All that and more await Bishop Ssemogerere.