Mysterious Death of Top Vocal Ugandan Clerics Causes Panic Among Citizens

The increasing mysterious death of top and vocal Ugandan clergy has caused panic among citizens. At least four top renowned vocal clerics have mysteriously died in Uganda in the last five months leaving locals murmuring.

Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga is the latest victim of suspicious death. Lwanga who has been a renowned critic of social injustices, security brutality and abduction of Ugandans was today found dead in his room in the morning hours.

Lwanga, who has been the Archbishop for Kampala Archdioceses, led members of joint Christian council yesterday in the way of the cross. He did not have any complications but his demise has left people wondering and others asking who could be the next victim.

Fr Pius Male Ssentumbwe announced to Ugandans that Lwanga was found lying dead in his living room at Lubaga Cathedral. It was not established whether the man of God’s death was induced or natural.

Lwanga’s demise comes two months after retired Masaka dioceses Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa also died under unclear circumstances. Kaggwa’s death left Masaka people pointing accusing fingers at some people who last held meetings with him.

Kaggwa was a critic of Uganda’s government which has ruled citizens for 35 years by use of guns and this has infringed on rights and freedoms of Ugandans. People against the government have often been killed, injured and brutally arrested. Last year alone, 54 people were shot dead by military and police in a mere protest demanding for the release of music star Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Like Lwanga and Kaggwa, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, also died mysteriously in December last year. He too was attacking government over witch-hunting Muslims, arbitrary taxes and discriminations in giving jobs.

Deceased Kibuli Muslim faction spokesperson, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata

A month before Sheikh Muzaata’s death, Sheikh Dr Anas Kariisa, also died shockingly after leaving his office. The death of these top cleric under unclear circumstances has left several questions on minds of Ugandans. Locals are asking what is killing the clerics.