Woman Councilor’s Death Causes Tension in Kassanda District

ASP Racheal Kawala, the Wamala regional police spokesperson.

The controversies surrounding the demise of a woman councilor in Kassanda district has caused tension among rival political camps.

Diana Nanyanzi, a councilor representing Myanzi-Nalutuntu subcounty at Kassanda district headquarters died mysteriously after she was brought back home by a man identified as Hajji Masagazi.

Police through locals’ accounts have learnt that Nanyanzi had planned to travel to Kampala to meet someone. She left her house keys with a neighbour Proscovia Mwanje as well her 7-year-old son.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Racheal Kawala, who is also Wamala regional spokesperson, said it is not known how and where Masagazi met Nanyanzi to the extent of driving her back home when she was seemingly very ill.

The puzzle in the investigation is that locals remember the colour type of Masagazi’s vehicle but they did not note its registration number plate. Kawala said the car has been described as a Toyota Noah in grey in colour.

Nanyanzi’s sister who police have identified as Judith Nakabnda has revealed that the deceased was helped to disembark Masagazi’s car because she was very weak, she could hardly walk or talk. Nakabanda inquired from the driver, what could have happened to the victim.

“He told them how he and the victim, were at Bujjuuko town, and she suddenly started complaining of stomach pains. She vomited around the place and as he was planning to take her to hospital, she objected and instead asked them to pray for her,” Kawala said.

Nanyanzi’s relatives took her inside the house as Masagazi left. She later died as relatives were planning taking her to hospital. The incident was reported at Kassanda police headquarters and investigations instituted.

“The body of the victim was examined by a Medical Doctor, at Kassanda health centre iv in the presence of the relatives and the body handed over to them for burial. The cause of death was indicated as natural,” Kawala said.

But locals have started pointing fingers at various people who could have masterminded Nanyanzi’s sudden demise. To rule out speculations, police in presence of doctors and relatives have taken samples from the internal organs and they will be submitted to the Government Analytical Laboratory for further forensic examination.