Is Bobi Wine’s Claim of 54% Presidential Victory Legit?

Ugandan reggae star turned politician, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, has claimed that he won the January presidential polls with 54 percent.

Bobi Wine who stood on National Unity Platform –NUP ticket says he trounced Yoweri Museveni who was declared winner with 58 percent. Uganda’s Electoral Commission appointed by Museveni declared him winner on January 16 while his closest rival Bobi Wine was given 35 percent.

Like in law where burden of proof is on the complainant, a section of Ugandans has demanded Bobi Wine to show proof that he actually won the polls. Without that satisfying evidence, some Ugandan believe Bobi Wine is just yapping just like former Opposition bigwig Dr Kizza Besigye who has been lamenting for the 20 years he has stood against Museveni.

In response to demands of proof, Bobi Wine who recently withdrew a petition challenging Museveni’s victory, has released the alleged results from over 1700 polling stations. Bobi Wine alleges that the Electoral Commission deliberately awarded Museveni more votes while his were being reduced.

National Resistance Movement NRM flagbearer, Yoweri Museveni.

Bobi Wine says at Mpererwe Primary School polling station A to K he got 377 votes while Museveni scored 96. However, figures on the Electoral Commission website show the two candidates score zero each.

At Katereke Prison Ditch N to Z polling station, the Declaration Forms show Bobi Wine got 308 votes while Museveni got a paltry of 69 votes. However, EC led by Justice Simon Byabakama, gave Bobi Wine 256 votes and 51 for Museveni.

EC results show Bobi Wine had 27 votes at Kachilo polling station while Museveni got 128 votes. However, the Declaration Forms obtained by agents of 10 Opposition presidential candidates show Bobi Wine had 47 votes and Museveni had 108.

At Kibanyi Cooperative Store Bobi Wine had 238 votes whereas Museveni had 132 as per Declaration Forms. However, EC gave Bobi Wine 226 votes and Museveni 306. At Mivule Primary School, Bobi Wine had 113 votes whereas Museveni had 23. But EC gave Museveni 197 and Bobi Wine 31.

Besides the altered results, Bobi Wine wonders how Museveni had 100% score in more than 300 polling stations. This means that in close to two years since EC conducted voter verification exercise, no voter died, shifted to another place or fell sick on voting day.

With all the above alleged evidence against Museveni and EC vote rigging, one wonders why Bobi Wine did not sustain the presidential petition. Besides, the question is on whether the EC results on website can be enough to say Museveni rigged votes or these were just mistakes made when entering data.

Paul Bukenya, who speaks for Uganda’s Electoral Commission, has since told journalists that he is not ready to comment about a process the concluded and winner was declared. Bukenya advises unsatisfied members to seek justice in courts of law.

Museveni, if not otherwise, will be swearing for the sixtieth elective term in May. Museveni has controversially been voted president since 1996. He had earlier led for 10 years without elections after his rebel group overthrew the then government in power.