Bob Kasango a Lawyer Often Involved in Billion Scandals but Literally Had Nothing

Type Bob Kasango in google search, you will see scandals involving billions of shillings associated to the deceased lawyer. Kasango succumbed to heart complications on Saturday night inside Luzira Prison where he was serving a 16 years’ jail term.

Kasango was always linked to one scandal to another all involving huge sums of money. One of the scandals that sent him to jail to the extent of breathing his last from there was the 15 billion shillings meant for pensioners.

The money scandals gave many Ugandans an impression that he was perhaps a well off man. But that is not true at all. Kasango literally had nothing under his name. It is perhaps the reason why Anti-Corruption Court didn’t succeed in attempting to attach his property during the 15 billion scandal.

In Kampala, according to reliable sources, Kasango never owned a spoon of soil neither a pit latrine under his name. He was leaving in his mother’s house in Kololo one of elite residential places. Now that he is dead, there has come a debate on where will he be laid to rest as three families claim having blood relations.

During his funeral service at All Saints in Nakasero, relatives led by his wife, Nice Baterabeho, announced that he was going to be buried at Gweri village in Fortportal Kabarole district. However, another family led by his mother, Rose Kabise, hijacked the body from A Plus funeral home and loaded it on a Canter truck. The group said he was going to laid to rest at his ancestral home in Tororo district.

Police intercepted the Canter truck and ‘arrested’ the body. It was given back to A Plus until the wrangles are resolved. Another reliable source has intimated to Daily Press that another Musoga man known as Richard also claims paternity of the deceased lawyer.

Details from Fortportal can leave you dumbfounded. It has been revealed that a place where the deceased’s wife Baterabeho wants him to be buried belongs to her uncle. This means that Baterabeho wants to bury her husband at her uncle’s home. Kasango had no land or house registered in his name in Fortportal as it is being claimed.

Sources reveal that Kasango leaved in an upscale place in Fortportal in a rented house which he always fronted as his home. Even in Tororo where he was allegedly birthed, Kasango had no house or land there. It has now been left to God who is omniscient, omnipresent to show Ugandans Kasango’s invisible properties.