I’m a Soldier, I Can’t Boycott Presidential Election- Gen Muntu

Former Chief of Defence Forces- CDF Maj Gen Mugusha Muntu Gregg

If any of the 10 candidates challenging president, Yoweri Museveni’s 35 years’ rule, in next year’s elections is propagating for boycott, he or she should know that Alliance for National Transformation –ANT flagbearer, Maj Gen Gregg Mugisha Muntu, will not buy the idea.

The two-star General and former Chief of Defence Forces –CDF, says with his military background, he cannot quit next year’s presidential elections even when the regime puts thorns and nails in his way.

Gen Muntu revealed this Monday when he was answering journalists’ questions at ANT headquarters at Buganda Road. This was hours before he moved to Kyambogo University’s cricket grounds for nomination.

According to Gen Muntu, soldiers don’t quit because that tantamount to cowardice. He vowed to remain in the race whether Museveni’s government attempts to antagonize his campaigns or not.

The ANT founder and now presidential hopeful, said his team sat and prepared to deal with all barricades that could be placed in their way. It should be remembered that journalists asked Gen Muntu the boycott question after his fellow General and former security minister, Henry Tumukunde, threatened to quit if government continues harassing the Opposition during campaigns.

Tumukunde, who is a three-star General, said if government does not stop unleashing torture and interfering with Opposition’s campaign programmes, he will have no option except quitting and embarking on other plans.

A number of political analysts have often argued that if key Opposition figures boycott presidential race, it would stop the legitimization of Museveni’s rule which he extends by organizing shambolic elections.

Since 2001, Museveni has been majorly facing off with his former personal doctor, Kizza Besigye. However, Besigye will not be on the ballot in next year’s presidential race. Nevertheless, Museveni is battling two of his former Generals. This brings the question of whether Gen Muntu and Gen Tumukunde’s participation will cause a shock or they will be part of the statistics of former presidential candidates.

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