Bloody Presidential Nominations in Uganda

Police and military raided FDC offices in Najjanankumbi.

The last day of presidential candidates’ nomination, in Uganda was characterized by violence where several people including politicians were left nursing wounds.

Uganda military and police armed to the teeth unleashed violence to supporters of music star turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Security agencies started clobbering Bobi Wine supporters on Monday night particularly in his area of residence Magere, Kasangati town council, Wakiso District.

After his nomination at Kyambogo University, army and police blocked Bobi Wine from meeting his supporters at National Unity Platform –NUP headquarters in Kamwokya, Central Division, of Kampala, where he intended to launch his manifesto for 2021 presidential elections.

Similarly, Forum for Democratic Change-FDC’s presidential candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat was brutally arrested at party headquarters in Najjanankumbi along Entebbe Road. Military and police whisked Amuriat to the nomination venue without shoes.

Police and military’s insensitivity in handling of politicians forced their supporters to put up some resistance in a bid to protect their leaders. Security forces mistreated the politicians claiming they were stopping them from making processions that could escalate the spread of Corona Virus Disease.

However, the politicians wondered why the force used against them today was yesterday not applied to supporters of 35-years ruler, Yoweri Museveni. Subscribers of National Resistance Movement –NRM founded by Museveni held processions across the country celebrating his nomination.

Bobi Wine was pepper sprayed while in police vehicle and he could hardly see at the time he addressed his supporters at his Magere based residence. Four time Museveni’s challenger Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye, was treated to the same in 2011 and he almost became blind.

Opposition politicians have been terrorized by security agencies to the extent of pulling them out of radio and television studios during talk shows. With Covid19 in Uganda, it is not clear how the Opposition politicians will conduct campaigns since most of the media houses in the country are owned by politicians and business people who are members of the ruling party.

Dozens of NUP and FDC supporters were arrested, according to a statement issued by police mouthpiece, Fred Enanga. Although police claim only four civilians and three security men were injured to today’s scuffle, incidents captured by mainstream and social media show those injured could be in dozens.

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