IGP Warns Presidential Aspirants on Causing Chaos

Inspector General of Police, Martin Ochola.

Martin Ochola, the Inspector General of Police, has cautioned presidential aspirants against causing chaos during tomorrow and Tuesday nomination exercise.

The Electoral Commission is set to nominate presidential candidates for 2021 elections at Kyambogo University’s cricket ground. At least 10 candidates have been confirmed that they will be nominated in the two days’ exercise while the number could increase since some aspirants’ endorsement signatures including those of Democratic Party president Norbert Mao are still being verified.

Ochola, in his statement delivered by director operations, AIGP Edward Ochom, said the safety and security of all the aspirants, other stakeholders and the successful conduct of the exercise, remains a top priority for the Joint Task Forces.

Police chief said police anticipates acts of civil disobedience such as sabotage, street violence strikes and demonstrations, defiance campaigns, provoking security forces into violent confrontations, intimidation and minor criminal activity such as; simple robbery, looting, vandalism and pick pocketing. Other crimes of extra ordinary nature include, terrorism and cybercrimes.

“We would like to inform and reassure all the Presidential Aspirants that their safety and security is guaranteed. The Joint Security Agencies have spent considerable time planning for the nominations, and we do feel confident about countering all forms of threats and security hazards,” Ochola said.

Joint security master plan, according to Ochola, includes a developed a multi-agency tactical response; before, during and after the nominations, which involves a mix of highly visible and non-visible resources, deployed in and around the venue, to detect, deter and disrupt any range of criminal activity.

Security have also put up a team of specialist at selected locations, others patrolling in rapid reaction formations, CCTV monitoring teams, dedicated K9 teams, crowd dispersal teams, to counter all forms of illegal activities and violent demonstrations, that could compromise public safety and public security.

“Therefore, any Presidential Aspirant who mobilizes boda bodas for a procession risks being arrested including those Boda-boda riders.   We have plans to respond proportionately, in the face of violent crime, which may include the use of teargas to disperse these violent groups and arrest the culprits for prosecution,” Ochola said.

Ochola has urged all individual and political actors to cooperate with forces, for a peaceful and secure nomination exercise.