Nobert Mao Missing on Presidential Aspirants List

Democratic Party president and presidential aspirant Norbert Mao

Although Democratic Party (DP) presidential aspirant, Norbert Mao, indicates that he will be nominated on Tuesday next week, he is not on the list of aspirants that has been today released by the Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission under the Chairmanship of Justice Simon Byabakama, has released the list and nomination schedules for the 10 people vying for the country’s topmost job excluding Mao.

Presidential aspirants will be nominated on Monday and Tuesday next week at Kyambogo University. Those whose names have appeared on the list, according to EC, successfully presented a 100 signatures of people endorsing their ambitions from at least 98 districts.

Paul Bukenya, the Acting EC spokesperson, said Mao was missing on the aspirants’ list because he submitted his endorsement signatures late and they are still being verified. Mao’s team submitted endorsement signatures yesterday. EC has to ensure that people who have endorsed Mao are eligible voters and haven’t endorsed others aspirants for the same post.

Incumbent and 35 years’ ruler, Yoweri Museveni, appears top on the list since he was the first person to submit endorsement signatures. Former Chief of Defence Forces-CDF Maj Gen Gregg Mugisha Muntu, flagbearer of Alliance for National Transformation, former security minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde-independent, Nancy Kalembe-independent, Fred Mwesigye-independent, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, flagbearer of National Unity Platform, all wait to be nominated.

Others include Patrick Oboi Amuriat, flagbearer for Forum for Democratic Change, journalist Joseph Kabuleta-independent, John Katumba-independent and Mayambala who is also independent aspirant.

Uganda will cast votes for president next year. But the race, according to Research World International polls, is likely to be dominated by Museveni and Bobi Wine. The latter was four years old when the former took over power in n1986 after a five guerilla. Museveni has been using security forces particularly police and military to subdue his rivals.

Museveni’s bush war doctor, Kizza Besigye, has tasted his wrath since 2001 when he started contesting against him. In fact, Besigye claims his victory has always been robbed by the Electoral Commission, that is appointed by Museveni. Besigye will not contest this time as he believes the ballot cannot remove Museveni from power.

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