Security Guard Shoots Suspected Night Robber Dead

A security guard attached to Kiwa Gen Hardware in Matugga town council, Wakiso District, shot and killed a suspected night robber.

It has also been understood that the killed suspect criminal was with other thugs who had raided the hardware in wee hours of Thursday morning. The deceased has since been identified as Kabaya a former worker at the same premises.

Kampala deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, said Kabaya who is now deceased perhaps thought the guard was unarmed a reason he risked to robe in the night hours.

Owoyesigyire said the crime incident now being investigated by Police in Matugga happed at around 2am. Police, according to Owoyesigyire, is investigating an attempted robbery.

“It is alleged that a group of thugs raided KIWA GEN HARDWARE and attempted to rob, but a private security guard attached to Royal Security Company Ltd, armed with SAR rifle, fought back and one thug was put out of action and others took off,” police said.

Matugga police visited the scene in the night. Investigations have revealed that another security guard had earlier been sedated but the second one survived because he remained at the station.

“The thug was later identified as a former worker at the hardware shop commonly known as Kabaya. One security guard James Akiri was sedated and he is still unconscious in hospital,” Owoyesigyire said.

Kabaya’s body of the deceased has been taken to City Mortuary for a postmortem.  Police added that inquiries are ongoing to have the remaining thugs apprehended.  The victim and his alleged accomplices are believed to had come to rob.