Fake Police Detective Serves at Kampala Police Stations for 7 Years

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy police spokesperson for Kampala, confirmed Sabiiti’s arrest saying he has allegedly been making documents on police behalf since he masqueraded as a detective

A man masquerading as a police detective has been serving at Kampala police stations for the last years. Rujeru Frank Sabiiti, has allegedly been serving at different police station in Kampala as a detective including Katwe police station where he had served for at least five years.

Sabiiti’s fate came on Tuesday when a man identified as, Wovugira Emma Yonah, whose car he allegedly took on credit and staked his warrant card as security approached Kite police station demanding for the detective so that he could pay his money.

Luke Owoyesigyire, confirmed Sabiiti’s arrest saying he has allegedly been making documents on police behalf since he masqueraded as a detective.

“The suspect was arrested yesterday after one Wovugira Emma Yonah went to Kampala Metropolitan Police, South headquarters to consult on what action can be taken on an officer who has failed to fulfil his promise,” Owoyesigyire said.

Although Owoyesigyire did not reveal the period Sabiiti has been masquerading as police detective, police source said he had been with the warrant card since 2013 and he has named a senior police officer who allegedly gave it to him.

“His warrant card was found to be registered in the system but belonging to a Police Constable serving in Counter-Terrorism directorate. He claimed it was given to him by one of our senior police officers,” source said.

 Owoyesigyire said the suspects was known as Rujeru Frank Sabiiti alias D/ASP Kajjeru Frank Sabiiti. The complainant who has unearthed Sabiiti’s woes said the suspect went to him on June 5, 2020 and asked to hire his car UBD 662 C TX.

“He left his warrant card (identity card) behind as security. He hired the car at Shs130,000 per day. He failed to fulfil his obligation prompting the victim to go and report to police,” Owoyesigyire said.

Police said the accused upon receiving the warrant card, the detectives consulted Police Headquarters to verify the authenticity of the document. “It was established that such a name and file number does not exist. The force number on the card however, was for a Police Constable attached to another unit,” police said. Sabiiti’s file has been forwarded to DPP for Perusal as inquiries into the matter continue.